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The Yateem Group derives its origin from the optical chain and pharmacy established in 1910. To this day, the group has grown to establish various retail outlet brands that are based on the optical retail outlet concepts.

Ranging from heritage brands like Yateem Opticians, we have expanded our retail presence to modern outlets like Ateliee Optics and Sun Eye as well.

In addition to the strong optical portfolio of brands, the Yateem group has diversified its portfolio with divisions ranging from premium leather boutiques to real estate management.
The Yateem group is highly dynamic and continues to add retail brands under the portfolio to adapt to the ever-changing market needs.

Yateem Optician
Yateem Optics
Occhiali Optics
Maybach Boutique
Ateliee Optics
Sun Eye Optics
Yateem Eye Center
Yateem Hearing Care Center
Yateem Real Estate

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